I-CTMS (OnCore) Resources

The I-CTMS (Iowa Clinical Trials Management System) is an enterprise-wide, software application ecosystem that supports the management of clinical trial data including protocol details, participants, data collection forms, calendars, financials, and billing. Use these resources to support your learning and engagement with the I-CTMS.

Note: The I-CTMS information on this page is specific to General Research. The Cancer Center has Oncology specific I-CTMS resources available at I-CTMS Resources for Oncology Clinical Trials.

Online Documentation for I-CTMS:

ICON Course and Documentation Hub

If you've registered for I-CTMS training, you'll have access to the ongoing ICON course which houses a repository of documentation in the References module of that course:

Advarra University

Advarra University coursework is available online from the software vendor via this link. You can register for courses in their store for free and review different functionality that is available within the I-CTMS, OnCore.

Need Training?

Request Assistance from the General Research Admin Team:

New Protocol Setup in I-CTMS

Effective May 2, 2023 you will no longer complete a separate form to request a protocol setup in the I-CTMS (OnCore). The request process is now handled directly in the HawkIRB application process by selecting "yes" to question V.27.

After the new application is complete, a notification will be sent to the I-CTMS Admin Team, who will initiate the study setup. After final approval in HawkIRB, the remainder of the setup will be completed and you will be notified about its status in the ICTMS.

In addition, if you elect to request a calendar and budget setup, you will be included in all correspondence regarding the calendar and budget build process. Reach out to ictms-admin@uiowa.edu with questions.

Other Help:

Additional questions? Contact ictms-admin@uiowa.edu.

Review Monthly Informational Meeting Content:

Informational meeting questions will be answered in writing on the FAQ page in ICON. You can also watch recorded past meetings via Panopto:

Software Demonstrations: