Program Evaluation


The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science Evaluation Core supports clinical and translational science regionally and nationally through programmatic evaluation and routine data capture that support strategic management.

A rigorous and deeply integrated program evaluation framework has been a cornerstone of ICTS success to date.

The ICTS Evaluation philosophy is rooted in long-established evaluation models such as the CDC Evaluation Model (CDC 1999) while infusing contemporary Participatory, Developmental, and Utilization-Focused program evaluation paradigms into practice (Patton 2008, 2011).

Evaluation efforts are supported by the program evaluation, and other key ICTS personnel, including module directors, project managers, the External Advisory Committee, and the I-CART centralized research tracking tool team.


ICTS provides services and support to catalyze innovative clinical and translational research that leads to measurable improvements in the health of Iowans and the nation.

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Learn more about the current projects the program evaluation and our evaluation teams participation in the common metrics initiative.

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