The Research Unit Network (RUN)

RUN was created with the purpose to enable direct communication and collaboration among clinical and translational research units (CTRU). The intermediate goal of RUN is to identify best practices CTRUs are establishing, implementing, and following with the goal of sharing these experiences and try to adopt them in different CTRUs. The network’s long-term goal is to establish standard benchmarks that can be used for evaluating the performance of an individual CTRU as well as comparing the performance of units around the nation.

Network created with the purpose of enabling direct communication, sharing and establishing collaborations between clinical and translational units. 52 Institutions around the nation (46 CTSA & 6 non-CTSA)


  • Identify best practices that units are establishing
  • Learn how they are implementing these best practices
  • Share experiences in addressing challenges

Ultimate Goal: 

Develop clinical research benchmarks that can be used to compare the performance of units within themselves and across the country

This network could be leveraged to do research in translational science

RUN Members

UI RUN Leadership Team

Alejandro P. Comellas, MD

Jackline Wangui-Verry, BSN, MSN

Kim Sprenger, RN, BS

Maran Subramain, Ph.D.

Kristy Mahan

Contact Info:

Kristy Mahan


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