Q: How far back does the data go?

A: The data is from when Epic went live, around 2006. 

Q: Can data be exported out of TriNetX?

A: No data cannot be exported directly out of the TriNetX tool bu the research team. If you are interested in getting data from a cohort in TriNetX, a request for consult for data request can be submitted by sending an email to

Q: What data is available to be searched on?

A: Our overview page on TriNetX includes a list of types of data that are available as well as data that is not able to be searched on.

Q: How does TriNetX determine age within the tool?

A: Age is determined by the patient’s date of birth.  It is not related to the diagnosis, procedures, etc., that are selected within the query.

Q: How often is data refreshed in TriNetX?

A: The data is refreshed every several weeks, so the data set being searched on should only be within a couple of weeks old.

Q: Am I able to use the data and/or screenshots in grant proposals?

A: Yes, you are allowed to use any of the information you find in this tool.

Q: What are the list of current institutions that are in the whole TriNetX network?

A: TriNetX is not currently providing a full list of institutions that are currently a part of their network. 


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