Seniors Together in Aging Research (STAR)

For Volunteers

The STAR Registry is a database of Iowans over age 50 who are interested in volunteering for research studies.

Older adults are typically under-represented in scientific research, making study results less helpful to the older population. STAR was created to:

  • Help include more older adults in Iowa-based research studies.
  • Make it easier to do more and better research on older adults.

STAR matches research volunteers with studies for which they are likely to qualify, using information provided by each volunteer. STAR volunteers fill out a four-page registration form about general medical history, behavioral and demographic information. All data is secure and kept strictly confidential according to guidelines established by the University of Iowa Institutional Review Board.

For Researchers

With almost 15% of the population of Iowa age 65 and older, Iowa ranks fifth nationally in percentage of residents age 65 and older, and third in percentage of those age 85 and older. Yet researchers often have difficulty recruiting from these higher age groups.

To address this problem, the University of Iowa has developed a registry of research volunteers, the Seniors Together in Aging Research (STAR) Registry, to help connect individuals interested in participating in research studies with UI investigators seeking research volunteers. Over 1,500 individuals age 50 and older are enrolled in the STAR Registry, including people who are healthy as well as those with medical conditions.

STAR aims to:

  • Promote scientific study of late-life issues among Iowans
  • Encourage more older adults to participate in research studies

The STAR Registry is available to investigators at all three Iowa public universities who require older research volunteers for their IRB approved studies. Interested investigators are encouraged to contact the STAR Registry to discuss their research projects and potential needs. The STAR Registry will work closely with volunteers and investigators to match research projects with volunteers who meet their inclusion criteria.