Congratulations to the research team of Philip Polgreen , Ted Herman , Manish Suneja , and Enrique Leira on receiving the University of Iowa Pilot Grant Program for Translational Stroke Studies award. The team is focusing their research on blood pressure and has prototyped a new platform...
ICTS Director Patricia Winokur, MD discusses the chikungunya vaccine and how the clinical trials are conducted on Iowa Public Radio's River to River.
Congratulations to May 2017 DAISY Award winner Jane Weber, BSN, RN, a nurse in the Clinical Research Unit. Weber, who cares for a group of boys in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy trial, plans special parties for children nearing completion of the drug trial. Weber “has truly made their time at...
The University of Iowa is one of three sites in the United States currently enrolling participants for an experimental chikungunya virus vaccine study. Our very own Patricia Winokur, MD, is the principal investigator for the trial.
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Elizabeth Chrischilles, a University of Iowa Professor of Epidemiology and Director of the Health Effectiveness Research Center, is currently leading breast cancer outcomes research studies with the Greater Plains Collaborative breast cancer survey.
The new “Distraction in Action” application developed at the University of Iowa helps children remain preoccupied while receiving a shot.
Research on a new drug to treat a rare form of muscular dystrophy was in-part conducted at the University of Iowa. The drug was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Patient Engagement: A New Frontier in Clinical Research
Congratulations to University of Iowa College of Education Assistant Professor Armeda Wojciak, PhD, LMFT and Clinical Associate Professor Carol Smith, PhD, LPC, NCC for receiving an external implementation grant ($87,718) from the Center for Educational Transformation from the University of Northern Iowa.