OVPR Interdisciplinary Scholars RFP & UI-ISU Climate Change/Sustainability Innovation Labs

Climate Change & Human Health


OVPR Interdisciplinary Scholars RFP: Climate-Environment-Health Nexus

This RFP strategically focuses on large proposals to advance campus research in this area. We anticipate funding two proposals this year for $250k/year over two years ($500k total). Proposals are due June 1, 2022. See RFP here.

Important detail: To be eligible to submit proposals, a majority of the proposing team must participate in the upcoming Climate Change/Sustainability Innovation Labs (see below).

UI-ISU Climate Change/Sustainability Innovation Labs

We are hosting a survey until this Friday (February 4th) to gather responses to the following question - What are the interdisciplinary climate change and/or sustainability research challenges that Iowa researchers are particularly well positioned to explore in the next three to five years? Responses will be reviewed, sorted, and themed to identify the top concepts to explore during the Innovation Labs.

Innovation Labs

The objective of the Innovation Labs is to share ideas and begin to develop research teams built on important questions and collective strengths, all leading to successful grants in climate change and sustainability science. More specifically, these events are intended to foster an Iowa response to the research challenges associated with climate change and long-term sustainability.

Innovation Lab #1 - Network and ideate: Wednesday, February 23 @ 9:30am-11am

Innovation Lab #2 - Network and refine ideas: Wednesday, March 2 @ 9:30am-11am

Innovation Lab #3 - Network, refine ideas, and pitch ideas: Wednesday, March 9 @ 9:30am-11am

To participate in the Innovation Labs, register here.

Thursday, February 3, 2022