Clinical Research Coordinator Jessica Danielson featured in COSMID Newsletter


Jessica Danielson is a Clinical Research Coordinator at the University of Iowa, and when her site first launched the COSMID trial, Jessica hit the ground running, recruiting 4 participants in quick succession!

Jessica is originally from the Philippines, where she was a dentist. After she immigrated to the United States and spent several years caring for her children, she began her career in research, with the University of Iowa Neurobiology of Pain laboratory. In 2018, she moved into clinical research recruiting with the University of Iowa Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. 

Working in research interested Jessica because of a deep interest in finding relief for those who are experiencing pain. "Witnessing those so dear endure pain without reprieve is pretty heartbreaking," she says. Her interest in improving the pain of others made it a natural fit for her to work in research. Furthermore, she says, "I think the reason I'm able to recruit well [into COSMID] is because I care for the study and its importance, the clinicians, and especially the participants. We all need kindness, and I'm particularly aware of it when I'm approaching the patients regarding the study."

Jessica has been coordinating the COSMID trial for the past several months and has been a great champion for COSMID at University of Iowa. She notes, "the COSMID trial is very exciting, to finally tell us who will benefit most from medical management versus surgery. I can't wait for its results."

Thank you for all of your hard work on COSMID, Jessica!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021