CCTS Student Daniel Fu Receives Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

Daniel Fu (Biomedical Sciences), a student in ICTS' Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science, was recognized by the Iowa Center for Research for his work in Dr. Rory Fisher's lab. Daniel described his work in the lab:

The Fisher lab studies proteins that are implicated in intracellular signaling in humans, particularly in the brain. My project is to provide better understanding of how this signaling mediates exercise-induced adult neurogenesis (new neuron growth) in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model. We do this through viral stereotaxic injections directly to the hippocampus of mice with an Alzheimer's Disease mutation to alter the gene expression of proteins that are relevant to exercise-induced neurogenesis. By manipulating this cellular signaling and examining its impact on learning, memory, and amyloidal pathogenesis in the brains of these mice, we hope to understand how neurogenesis impairment contributes to Alzheimer’s and help identify new therapeutic targets in this process and disease.

Friday, October 7, 2022