Directions to ICTS Areas

ICTS Conference Room and Administration Area

Take elevator B to the 4th floor. Exit the elevator to your right and immediately take another right at the wooden compass. You will pass the Nursing/Telecommunications offices. Enter the glass doors on the left BEFORE reaching elevator BW. The conference room (C44-A GH) is straight ahead. Proceed down the hallway to enter the administrative office area.

ICTS Clinical Research Unit

Take elevator A to the 2nd floor. Exit the elevator to your left and proceed to the end of the hallway (you will pass Elevator A). Turn left and proceed down towards the end of the hall. The main entrance to the CRU is on your right.

ICTS Biomedical Informatics Conference Room and Offices

Take elevator C to the 2nd floor. Turn right and take a left at the first hallway. Proceed through the double doors marked "No thoroughfare". The conference room is the third room on the left.


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