Service Levels

ICTS BMI basic support options

Subsidized by ICTS: Provided to the Investigator at no cost


Introductory training
New project consulting (web based & mobile) - 30 minutes
Advanced user training topics
Drop-in hours support
External collaborator credential support
General support and troubleshooting - 2 hours per study
IT infrastructure for REDCap, UI Bioshare, TriNetX (storage, security, ID support, backup, network connectivity) at no cost
SLA: first come first serve in basic queue

A la carte services




Consulting, support, troubleshooting and other custom work Have an IT support analyst/consultant assist with a study by the hour. $55/hour
System administration/application development Receive system administration or application development on an hourly basis. $85/hour
Staff level informaticist support Staff informaticist support $175/hour
%FTE staff time Dedicated staff time for at least 10% covered by MOU %FTE for specific staff
EPIC study builds Creation of an IRB approved study in EPIC for tracking subjects who are patients. $100/study
Social media for a clinical research study Build subject recruitment $300 startup/$100 per month

Terms of service

By using ICTS BMI services, PI and study team agree to the following terms of service:

  • To provide the ICTS BMI Team and MFK for services.
  • To provide the ICTS BMI team information about the research study using ICTS BMI services.
  • To cite ICTS and appropriate entities (e.g. Vanderbilt for REDCap users) in all grants and publications related to research that benefited from ICTS BMI use.
  • To respond to request to identify publications associated with ICTS BMI studies.
  • To place project into production mode prior to collecting any 'real' data.
  • To goo data citizenship.
  • To responsible system usage.
  • To follow University of Iowa Hawk ID policies.

Use of basic service requires a study team member has appropriate training and had the project reviewed by our team pre-production.

Service level agreements


Service expectation

Basic First come first serve in the Basic Service Queue. Three business day response time. Resolution time dependent on request.
A la carte services Two business day response time. Service(s) to be provided negotiated & scheduled.
10% appointment Response time depends on % of appointment and will be covered in MOU.
Service specific levels See individual services for service specific levels.


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