IHDR Data Enclave: Iowa Health Data Resource (IHDR)

Need to use Argon (HPC) and Interactive Data Analytics Service (IDAS) with University of Iowa Health Care clinical data? The Data Enclave is secure storage that connects to existing campus computational resources.

Request access to the IHDR Data Enclave in Enterprise Service Center (ESC)  or email IHDRDataEnclave@healthcare.uiowa.edu.

The Iowa Health Data Resource Data Enclave is a collaborative project between Information Technology Services (ITS), Research Computing team, the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science Biomedical Informatics Core team, and Health Care Information Systems (HCIS). This project established a data enclave to enable big data and AI approaches to health and biomedical science using existing computational resources in ITS to access new health data storage resources managed by University of Iowa Healthcare. A critical feature of this data enclave is to supply data to Iowa-sponsored big data projects that use artificial intelligence (AI) methods such as machine learning and predictive analytics. This computational resource will provide data security, appropriate access for wide variety of users, and link to data from different health areas across Iowa.