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Welcome to the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) at the University of Iowa.​

The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) at the University of Iowa was established by the Iowa Board of Regents in 2007. Home for clinical and translational science, it leverages infrastructure that includes a highly functional Clinical Research Unit that has been active for decades.

The ICTS partners with all 11 colleges on campus and has a special emphasis on working in community partnerships between the academic medical center, local health care providers and the rural patient population. Iowa’s population demographics present an opportunity to engage rural communities as active research participants in the biomedical enterprise.

Our three aims highlight our priorities towards team-based research that engages the community using both technology and personal interactions to advance the delivery of health care and personal health and wellness.  


Our mission is to accelerate translational science through programs to develop the translational workforce, to promote engagement of community members and other stakeholders, to promote research integration across the lifespan, and to catalyze innovative clinical and translational research.

These efforts will lead to development of novel therapies and healthcare delivery strategies, the integration of translational research and clinical practice, and, ultimately to measurable improvements in the health of Iowa and the nation.


Develop the Workforce Needed to Catalyze Innovative Science

To successfully move research through the T0-T4 spectrum, it is critical that we develop a robust workforce that includes research professionals and community stakeholders along with junior and senior investigators.

Our training program has strong foundational lectures and coursework in scientific design, statistics, regulatory science and other skills. We have incorporated successful programs from other CTSA hubs and have focused on flexible formats including online education.

Our program places a strong emphasis on mentoring, and planning for how to translate science to practice through business models and policy change. 

Create New Methods and Tools to Move Research Participation, Data Collection, and Interventions from the Clinic to the Home

ICTS promotes research teams that include investigators and stakeholders across Iowa. Using approaches that overcome the geographic barriers in a rural state, we build on our established community practice networks in concert with innovative technologies and their application deriving from our center.

Promote an Innovative, Integrated Framework for Conducting Clinical and Translational Research

From our tertiary care hospital to our community-based health partners ICTS transforms UI Health Care into a model learning health system that effectively engages health care leaders, clinicians, and patients throughout the spectrum of our health system.

In support of this goal, we collaborate with the UI, UI Health Care and our health systems partners to implement strategies that address key requirements for embedding research throughout the institution, state, and nation. 

Translational Scientists

Translational Science Characteristics

There is tremendous need for people to discover, develop and disseminate the next generation of science and technology to improve human health. Watch the video above to learn more about translational scientists. Translational scientists are innovative and collaborative, searching for ways to break down barriers in the translation process. Learn more about being a translational scientist.


Help the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Iowa continue making new strides in medical research by citing the NIH CTSA program grant UM1TR004403.