Workforce Development

Our primary goal is to train motivated and talented scholars, community members, and research professionals for careers and engagement in translational science. ICTS is developing and delivering educational offerings that are designed to be customizable across our workforce audience. Some of our education programs cross most of our workforce population, while others are targeted to specific audience(s).

The following highlights our educational offerings:

Workforce Infographic


What makes our program unique

  • Dissolving traditional academic boundaries and creating a supportive interdisciplinary environment
  • Developing new curricula in research methods, ethics, and career skills that map to the CTSA consortium core competencies
  • Providing scholars with an interdisciplinary, mentored research experience

Goals of programs

  • Expand the scientific horizons of established investigators
  • Improve the mentoring skills of senior investigators and emerging investigators
  • Support the needs of research support professionals to ensure a vital and knowledgeable research team

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Translational Science Principles


Jamie Thrams


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