The Iowa Health Data Resource: Building the Future of Health Informatics at the University of Iowa

IHDR graphic

Overview: Analyzing patient data plays a central and critical role in advancing research across the broad spectrum of health care. This project will improve how the UI research community accesses and utilizes health science data by establishing the Iowa Health Data Resource (IHDR) on which future health informatics research initiatives can be built. This P3 funded project will position the UI as a national competitor for building interdisciplinary programs for next-generation research, curriculum, and student-engaged research development.

Who: IHDR is an intercollegiate project sponsored by the University of Iowa Health Science colleges and involved collaborators throughout campus.  Project oversight is provided by a steering committee. An Intercollegiate Advisory and Implementation team (IAI team)  are charged with realizing the goals of the project


Project goals

  1. Improve the understanding and availability of health data on campus. The IHDR will be designed by an intercollegiate team (Intercollegiate Advisory and Implementation Team: IAI-team) that will help customize the resource to fit the broad needs of health science research on campus. This team will also serve as advisors for investigators seeking the best ways to access, query, and analyze health data and how to develop grant proposals that will use this resource.
  2. Build transformative data sets for health science research. The IAI-team faculty will use data integration and mapping methodologies to create transformative data collections. These datasets will be a core part of several existing and emerging grant proposals for which faculty on this proposal are either PIs or Co-Is on.
  3. Establish a data enclave to enable big data and AI approaches to health and biomedical science using existing computational resources in ITS to access new health data storage resources managed by University of Iowa Healthcare. A critical feature of this data enclave is to supply data to Iowa-sponsored big data projects that use artificial intelligence (AI) methods such as machine learning and predictive analytics. This computational resource will provide data security, appropriate access for wide variety of users, and link to data from different health areas across Iowa.




IHDR Director: Boyd Knosp, MS, FAMIA, Associate Dean for IT (CCOM/ICTS)

IHDR Co-Director: Heath Davis, MS, MLIS, FAMIA Assistant Director for Biomedical Informatics (CCOM/ICTS


Intercollegiate Advisory and Implementation Team (IAI Team)

Ryan M. Carnahan, Professor, Epidemiology (COPH)*

Tara Carr, Research IT Support Analyst, (ICTS)*

Cole G. Chapman, Assistant Professor, Phar Practice and Science (COP)*

An Gie Cech, Clinical Research Data Analyst, Informatics (ICTS)

Rhonda R DeCook, Research Specialist, Epidemiology (COPH)

Elaine Dettner, Senior Informatics Specialist, Nursing (HCIS)

Karen D. Lopez, Associate Professor, Nursing (CON)*

Scott J. Egerton, Research Associate, Phar Practice and Science (COP)*

Sean Fain, Professor, Radiology (CCOM)

Carol Geary, Assistant Professor, Pathology & Mircrobiology (UNMC)

Stephanie Gilbertson-White, Associate Professor, Nursing (CON)

Brian M. Gryzlak, Research Associate, Epidemiology (COPH)*

Shannon Hampton, Clinical Research Coordinator, Psychiatry (CCOM)

Ash A. Hoberg, Senior Research IT Support Consultant, Informatics (ICTS) 

Robert Holmes, Research IT Support Analyst, Informatics (ICTS)

Laura Jacobus, Research Support Manager (CCOM)

William Keating, Application Developer, Dental Informatics (COD)

Lindsey Knake, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (CCOM)

Anna Krupp, Assistant Professor, Nursing (CON)

Charisse Madlock-Brown, Associate Professor, Nursing (CON)

Charles W. McBrearty, Assistant Dean, Dental Support Services (COD)*

Brad McDowell, Research Specialist, Cancer Center (CCOM)

Jacob J. Michaelson, Associate Professor, Psychiatry (CCOM)*

Jason Misurac, Clinical Associate Professor, Nephrology (CCOM)

Ken Nepple, Clinical Professor, Urology (CCOM)

Manny Oletunde, Clinical Research Data Analyst, Informatics (ICTS)

Chris E. Ortman, Senior Application Developer, Informatics (CCOM) 

Diva Perez, Research IT Support Consultant, Informatics (ICTS)

Justin Perez, Senior Application Developer, Informatics (ICTS)

Kirk T. Phillips, Program Director, Medicine Administration (COPH

Gi-Yung Ryu, Lead Database Adminsitrator, Informatics (ICTS)

Donna A. Santillan, Research Associate Professor, OBGYN (CCOM

Mark Santillan, Associate Professor, OBGYN, (CCOM)

Mary Sarrazin, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine (CCOM, VA

Joe Spring, Senior Research IT Consultant, Informatics (ICTS)

Lucas Van Tol, Senior Systems Administrator, Informatics (HCIS) 

Julie Vignato, Assistant Professor, Nursing (CON)

You Wang, Research Associate, Nursing, (CON)

Jessica Wolf, Clinical/HC Research Assistant, Nursing  (CON)* 

Erliang Zeng, Assoicate Professor, Dental Research (COD)*

Sam Zetumer, Fellow Associate Physician, Internal Medicine (CCOM)

*Primary Liaison for College/Org


IHDR Steering Committee

James M. Blum, Associate Professor Anesthesia (UIHC

Lee T. Carmen, Associate Vice President (UIHC

Steven R. Fleagle, Associate Vice President CIO Office (ITS

Aaron K. Kline, Director, Research Development Office (OVPR)

Robert C. Piper, Associate Dean Research, Professor Molec Physiology & Biophy (CCOM

Barbara A. Rakel, Associate Dean, Nursing (CON

Diane Rohlman, Associate Dean for Research, Public Health (COPH)

David L. Roman, Professor, Pharm Sci & Exper Therap (COP

Douglas Van Daele, Associate Dean Otolaryngology (UIHC

Xian Jin Xie, Associate Dean, Dental Research (CON

Heath Davis, Co-Director for Biomedical Informatics (CCOM/ICTS