Conference Room Reservation

Booking a Conference Room

To check availability of this room, please send the day and time to Dori Hinson at

The ICTS coordinator will confirm availability. All requests will be reviewed to determine eligibility and use. The ICTS Director or another designated individual shall be the final authority in granting or refusing permission for the use the conference room. 

  • The conference room may not be scheduled more than six months in advance.
  • Recurring meetings may only be scheduled one year in advance. 

Conference Room C44A GH

The Layout

The conference room is arranged to seat up to 48 individuals with tables. If you require more chairs, tables can be removed to accommodate 75 individuals.

PLEASE NOTE: If your event requires more than 48 chairs, it is YOUR responsibility to order them at least one week prior to the event.

To order more chairs visit Engineering Services and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "requests" on the side of the page.
  2. Click on "Hospital Moving Request Form."
  3. Fill out the required information. Enter "FACILITIES MANAGEMENT" in the "move from" section.

Furniture arrangements are the responsibility of each user. Thirty minutes will be scheduled on either side of the event to allow ample time for set up and clean up. It is the responsibility of the user to return the furniture to its original arrangement.

Computers and Multimedia Equipment

Equipment provided in conference room:

  • Screen
  • Projector
  • Mobile dry erase board
  • Document camera
  • Audio system
  • Microphones
  • PC
  • Connection for a laptop

If you are unfamiliar with using computers or multimedia equipment, or if you need help setting-up (powering on the equipment, loading presentations etc.), please fill out a request at least 24-hours prior to your event.


Please notify ICTS administration as soon as possible if you need to cancel. You may also cancel by calling (319) 384-5282.

Food and Drinks

If food is served, all refreshments and drinks shall be consumed inside the conference room. Please clean up immediately after your event has ended.

Clean Up

  • Collect all trash and place the bags in the hallway outside of the front entrance.
  • Push vendor food carts into the main hospital corridor.
  • Wipe down any soiled tables with spray cleaner located in the wooden cabinet in the conference room.
  • Report any major spills to Work Control by dialing 159. A phone is located in the lobby immediately outside the conference room.
  • A vacuum cleaner is available and can be obtained from the ICTS coordinator.

Signage and Decorations

An ICTS administrator must approve all signage, decorations, or literature to be displayed in or near the conference room prior to room usage. No tape is allowed on the walls.

ALL materials brought into the conference room must be removed immediately following the event. 


All conference attendees shall agree to exhibit courtesy and consideration for ICTS staff when using common areas of the ICTS space during break times (to include, but not limited to, the lobby area and restrooms).

Congregating in such areas will be kept at a minimum, as it may create a disturbance to ICTS staff. Your efforts regarding this issue are greatly appreciated. 

An event may be bumped, on rare occasion, if a high priority need arises. However, we will try not to bump anything within a 30-day window.


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