Community/Patient/Stakeholder Engagement

Consultation on developing a patient or community advisory group: ICTS staff will work research teams to determine which type of advisory group would be most beneficial to their research program, the appropriate make-up of the advisory group, and the organizational and governing structure. ICTS may assist in recruiting members of the advisory group; however, research teams are often the content, population, and/or community experts and will have more of the knowledge needed regarding participant membership.

Training and consultation on community-based participatory research (CBPR) methods: ICTS staff can provider introductory training on CBPR and consult with research teams as to whether CBPR methodologies are the best approach for their research program. However, CBPR takes extensive commitment on the part of the research team and training and consultation with ICTS staff will not fully prepare research teams to conduct CBPR. We highly recommend taking courses in the College of Public Health and/or collaborating with other researchers who have expertise in CBPR.

Stakeholder Advisory Board

Contact: DeShauna Jones, PhD