Pilot Grant Program for Clinical and Translational Studies

PILOTS Grant Application Form

  1. Funding Details
    1. Up to $25,000 for a funding period starting in June 2023 through March 2024.
    2. No University of Iowa faculty salary or meeting travel will be supported.
    3. it is expected that pilot projects lead to grant or contract submissions.
    4. Publications that result from the pilot grant program, in whole or part, must recognize support of the Institute's Pilot Grant Program.
  2. We require investigators to declar what translational science stage (T0-T4) they address.
  3. Pilot projects must focus on translational science. Translational research projects per se (e.g. projects focused on a particular target or disease, but do not build on or establish processes or principles applicable to other diseases), will not be allowed. Projects are intended to: (1) explore innovative new leads or new directions; (2) stimulate team approaches that incorporate less traditional researchers and (3) provide initial support to establish proof of concept. Projects must be feasible within the proposed timeframe, have high methodological and scientific quality, and answer important scientific questions. 
  4. Awardees and their teams will be required to attend one Team Science workshop after award announcement.
  5. Team composition: each research team will be required to focus aspects of the project on community engagment and involve a community stakeholder or researcher in their team. Teams are encouraged to reach out to Heather Reisinger (heather-reisinger@uiowa.edu) as they plan their community engagement activities.
  6. ICTS Services (Mobile Technology Lab; Clinical Research Trials Office; Biomedical Informatics; Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design; Qualitative Core; Community Engagement, etc.) used for this project are available at no cost to awardees. However, you must meet with the service(s) you plan to use as your team designs the pilot study to establish appropriate scope. A letter of support is required from the core(s) in your application.


  1. ​Two-stage application
    1. Submit a one-page letter of intent (LOI) with individual faculty NIH or NSF Biosketches due April 28, 2023. LOIs should be sent to Jamie Thrams (jamie-thrams@uiowa.edu).
    2. Applicants will be notified by May 5, 2023 if they have been selected to submit a full proposal.
    3. Selected applicatns will be asked to submit a full proposal through InfoReady Review (https://uiowa.infoready4.com) by May 24. 2023. The proposal should be limited to 5 pages.
      1. Pilot Grant Application (available on this page above)
      2. Please include
        1. IRB application (or IACUC applicaiton if applicable) unique to the study of the pilot application (Clinical Trial studies should start their IRB application as early as possible to meet this requirement)
        2. Abstracts/Relevance (maximum of 250 words/2,000 characters, including spaces)
        3. Specific Aims
        4. Background and Preliminary Data
        5. Research Plan
        6. Budget & Justification


Awardees will be notified by June 1, 2023.

Questions can be directed to Jamie Thrams (jamie-thrams@uiowa.edu)