Advarra University

Advarra University training webinars are available online via this link. You can register for courses in their online store for free and review functionality that is available within the ICTMS. 


Advarra University FAQs  

Q: How can I get a reminder of [eREG function/process]? 

  • A: If you wish to review any material covered in courses you have taken previously, you can “Relaunch” any course from the “Completed Courses” tab on your dashboard. 

Q: I’ve completed my Advarra University course, but it still says it’s not complete. Why? 

  • A: To complete an Advarra University Course to 100%, be sure to click through the “Module Complete” page at the end of each module. 

Q: I completed my Advarra University course, and nothing happened. Why? 

  • A: Our eREG access team periodically checks course completion throughout the day. To expedite/obtain a reason for the delay, please forward your completion certificate to


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