Cardiovascular and pulmonary effects of electronic cigarettes in young adults

The increase in popularity of electronic cigarettes among young people, age 18-24, is a concern worldwide. Locally, several community members reached out to the University of Iowa Research Pulmonary group looking for answers, but a clear response could not be provided due to the lack of research specifically on the usage and effects of e-cigarettes in youth.

Goal of pilot

This pilot project aims to answer the questions raised by community members and determine the risk factors and effects of e-cigarettes on the youth.

Project plan

To analyze the effects of e-cigarettes on the youth, this pilot project will establish novel imaging tools to study early cardiopulmonary manifestations associated with both conventional smoking and the use of e-cigarettes.  

A clinical research study will recruit never smokers, e-cigarette smokers and combustible cigarette smokers, ages 18-24, to answer several questionnaires and perform pulmonary function tests, as well as a variety of novel lung imaging exams to determine the effects and differences of each group.

Collaboration with ICTS

The research team will utilize expertise from our Mobile Technology Lab and Engagement, Integration, and Implementation Core to engage with community members, plan focus groups and develop an advisory board of community members to help disseminate data.

Team members

Clinical Associate Professor, Internal Medicine-Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine

Director, Clinical Research Unit

Professor and Head, Department of Occupational and Environmental Health

Director, Environmental Health Sciences Research Center

Director, Advanced Pulmonary Physiomic Imaging Laboratory

Professor, Radiology

Professor, Internal Medicine

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Director, Laboratory of Quantitative and Dynamic MRI

Research Assistant Professor, Radiology-Division of Neuroradiology

Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiology-Division of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Imaging

Monday, January 27, 2020