Evan Lamb's Research Experience

Evan Lamb in labEvan Lamb is a junior Microbiology and Human Physiology major. He is conducting research with Dr. Linda McCarter, studying bacterial motility, gene regulation, and communication.

Q: Why did you select this research topic?

A: I am fascinated by the complexity of bacteria, despite being single-celled organisms. Learning how bacteria adapt to dynamic environments opens up possibilities for application in many areas.

Q: What made you want to get involved with research?

A: Learning material in classes is intriguing but lacked the application that I wanted. Conducting research has let me translate what I have learned in class to the lab bench to discover new knowledge.

Q: How do you think completing a research project as an undergraduate student has benefited your education?

A: My research has been the defining point of my undergraduate career. Through my research I have come to understand microbiology with a much greater depth and appreciation than I would have without my lab experience.

I have also had the chance to meet amazing faculty, graduate students and others who are truly dedicated to seeing the department’s undergraduates succeed.

Monday, April 9, 2018