Calpendo is a web-based system used to book and schedule resources within the Clinical Research Unit (CRU). This system will replace the current email-based method of requesting a visit for research subjects in the CRU.

Calpendo will allow our clinical staff see when and where rooms are open and available to schedule and avoid the problem of requesting a date and time for a visit after speaking to research participants.  

Once Calpendo orientation has been completed, all research staff that currently use the email system to schedule in the CRU will be able to use Calpendo.

Using Calpendo

Users of the CRU Calpendo will log in using their University of Iowa HawkID and password. The site can be accessed at

Calpendo encourages users not to use Microsoft Explorer as a browser.  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the preferred browsers.

Building a project in Calpendo

Booking in the Clinical Research Unit with Calpendo

Using the bookmarks manager tool in Calpendo

Using Calpendo in the Clinical Research Unit

Instructions on using Calpendo


If you have questions about Calpendo or would like to learn more, please contact Connie McMillan.

Phone: 319-356-1060