UI Mobile Museum at the Oskaloosa Public Library

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Oskaloosa Public Library
301 S Market St, Oskaloosa, IA 52577
Visit the UI Mobile Museum and its 2018 exhibits at the Oskaloosa Public Library! Discover, Develop, Deploy Translational science is a never-ending cycle of innovation and discovery that seeks solutions to improve the world’s health concerns. The University of Iowa’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science supports researchers across a wide range of research questions. This exhibit highlights their work on nutrition, hearing loss, and supporting healthy families. ProtoStudios in Iowa City has been working with inventors at the University to make their ideas come to life. From printing devices that help the hearing-impaired to creating eyeglasses and beyond, this partnership shows that translational science is only limited by your imagination! A Matter of Scales: Pangolins in Peril Pangolins are amazing scale-covered mammals from Africa and Asia. Unfortunately they are critically endangered because of illegal hunting and trade. The pangolin data sculpture built by Professor Kevin Ripka tells tells the pangolin story using data visualization. Data visualization helps people understand large amounts of information by using imagery that makes data trends standout. In doing so, the exhibit works to raise awareness of this endangered group of animals in a fun and interactive way. Pangolins aren’t the only animals in trouble. There are more than 25 endangered species right here in Iowa. Learn about some of the simple steps everyone can take to help. Wild Iowa: Awareness, Appreciation, and Action Wild Iowa highlights UI Recreational Services' outdoors programs including the Iowa Raptor Project, School of the Wild, and Wildlife Camps. Iowa is arguably one of the least "wild" states due to the loss of native habitats, but the UI's outdoors programs work to awaken Iowans to the importance of our native habitats through research, educational programs, and the savanna restoration project. Digital touchscreens feature exhibits on research and creative activity in a variety of UI departments. The Mobile Museum is free and open to the public and is equipped with a wheelchair lift.
UI Mobile Museum at the Oskaloosa Public Library promotional image