Trial Innovation Center Webinar

Thursday, December 14 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Online webinar

STRIDE & eConsent: Moving Towards Personalized Informed Consent

Speaker: Colleen Lawrence, PhD, CCRP of Vanderbilt University Medical Center

STRIDE (Strengthening Translational Research in Diverse Enrollment) is a collaborative project between Vanderbilt University Medical Center, UMass and UAB.  The project is focused on increasing participation by under-represented communities in clinical trials. Through the use of existing REDCap features and the creation of new tools such as, Avatars, a video library of commonly consented research procedures, and development of a part-11 compliant “virtual lockbox” to house consents, we are supporting efforts aimed at developing a more personalized informed consent process via a REDCap electronic consent (eConsent) platform. In this presentation, we will describe the STRIDE project, emphasize the need for an improved informed consent process, highlight features and customizations for personalization and security, developed as a part of STRIDE, and discuss the future direction of the eConsent platform.