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Welcome to Research Professionals Network

The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) is developing a Research Coordinator professional networking system. The goals of the network are to:

  1. address research professionals' concerns;
  2. promote leadership roles within our community of research professionals;
  3. provide an educational forum for topics related to the conduct of clinical research (e.g., subject recruitment and retention);
  4. provide a mechanism for effectively communicating institutional updates from the Human Subjects Office and Division of Sponsored Programs regarding matters related to human research and clinical trials contracts; and
  5. promote standards of accreditation for coordinators through ICTS sponsored training workshops and symposia.

We are seeking your assistance to help identify individuals in your college, division or facility that serve as coordinators of externally and internally supported research. Typically these individuals participate in the design, execution, and control of human subjects studies; coordinate the processing and analysis of study data; coordinate clinical research protocols and procedures; and develop new and/or revised research methodologies. Within the UI, individuals with a variety of position titles are responsible for these functions, e.g., Research Assistant, Clinical Research Coordinator, Program Associate, Project Assistant, Research Scientist, Staff Nurse to name a few. Other facilities may use completely different terminology. If you or an individual in your area of responsibility meets the description above and would like to be included in the ICTS Research Professionals Network, please register for the network by clicking on the link below..

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